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  • We’re connecting people – helping wherever help is needed. We make a peaceful future possible for children.
  • We’re donating 50% of our net profit. Profitability coupled with sustainability – working for the people.
  • We are working to ensure that your donations arrive where help is needed most.




We share. Together with other charitable organizations, the charitable private foundation PeopleShare initiates and promotes not only projects and initiatives supporting children in need as well as their families in leading a fulfilling and dignified life. PeopleShare is also a platform connecting people with each other. Making a change together is particularly powerful – changing lives, including our own.

So is it possible today to make a real change? We’d say it is.

Valuable partnerships and the support of private persons and enterprises enable us to support selected projects, thus paving the way into the future for families and children. It is our concrete vision to build a bridge between supporters and projects and to connect people so that real change can happen.

We would like to thank everybody sharing this challenge with us and who is essential in actually making this dream a reality.

We change. It is time for a change, and the time for it is now.
PeopleShare makes sure that the donations arrive where help is needed most and can have the best effect. To do so, we not only give 100%, we also pass 100% on.

The private foundation serves as a world-wide platform for charitable projects and initiatives, giving supporters and donors the opportunity of getting involved and actually making a change. Thanks to your help it is possible to support select projects and to fulfil underprivileged children’s and adolescents’ dreams of a new perspective and a better future. A future we are committed to.

PeopleShare is backed by HerzTraum
„True wealth is in giving“ – we are convinced of this at HerzTraum and PeopleShare.

HerzTraum is based on sustainability. HerzTraum promotes industrial and economic practices based on awareness of social values, thus creating space for change. 50% of the net profit of every property sold are invested into PeopleShare in order to support children’s aid projects. Since the administrative expenses are covered by HerzTraum, the donations for PeopleShare will be invested in the projects without any deduction, thus achieving the highest possible effect.

Please find further information on HerzTraum Immobilientreuhand GmbH at

We commit. PeopleShare makes a solemn promise to make sure that donation money is spent where it is needed most, without any deduction. We will carefully research individual projects and make our selection in a fully transparent manner, striving to achieve maximum efficiency. We make no difference between projects, big or small, at home or half across the globe. Our only concern is the difference they can make. The only thing that counts for us is making a change in the world. For this reason we promise to give all our heart, conviction and energy in order to achieve more together. This is our promise to you – and to the children and the world.

My name is Samira Rauter. My own personal story shows how fast life can suddenly change because of political circumstances. When I was five years old, my family and I left our country of origin Iran and came to Austria, so I had to deal with the subject of change and integration very early on.

Children tackle change very naturally, they are open and ready to break new ground. However, it is my aim with PeopleShare to do everything so that children and adolescents start into life as light-hearted as possible and are truly able to tap their potential.

What’s essential to us is to convey a feeling of safety to them and give them the space and opportunity of making their own steps in terms of shaping their future with our support. For this reason we are committed to help that ideally families and children will not even have to leave their country. We’d like to help them make their dreams come true and open up ways into a happy future. We consider education as essential in order to not only offer meaningful prospects but also teach them the respectful interaction with themselves and their fellow human beings.

I think that individual and independent success is very important for one’s personal development, however, if we want to have a positive lasting effect on a society in which every individual can equally benefit from social diversity, the effort of many visionary people is required. We are always stronger together.

Foundation board

Samira Rauter in Kilis.

Kira Frerk,
Mag. Wolfgang Kerschbaummayr,
Mag. Samira Rauter